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The infrared flux dominated by CO2, as is well known, is only about 10% of that controlled by water vapor.

The decrease in infrared flux from the surface to the atmosphere due to the increase in CO2 ranges from 1.0 – 1.6 W m-2.

“Cycle-hunting” without a good physical hypothesis can also be misleading; the supposed periodicity may lie in a broad, flat maximum of the spectrum and thus be statistically insignificant.

While one must presume that natural climatic fluctuations result from the operations of the laws of physics and chemistry, it is practically impossible to isolate simple cause-and-effect relationships in the internal workings of the earth-atmosphere-ocean system.

Such attempts are useful and necessary, hut they run into formidable technical difficulties.

Even the mean global temperature rise caused by a given quantity of CO2 is subject to great uncertainty: and the effects of CO2 on local and time-variable phenomena (which may be crucially important to agriculture and other human activities) are more uncertain still. It appears that the much larger changes predicted by other models arise from additional water vapor evaporated into the atmosphere and not from the CO2 itself. It is important to stress…that CO2 is not the main constituent involved in infrared transfer.

The effect could be negligibly small, or it could be as large as 3 x 10 tons of carbon per yr.This is because all the processes are interconnected by multiple nonlinear positive and negative feedbacks.The CO2 increment since 1958 has been about 12 ppmv; the climatic effect of man-generated CO2 should therefore be a warming of about 0.07°C. arnumber=5217849 Atmospheric carbon dioxide, which amounts to 320 parts per million (ppm) by volume, rather than being a pollutant, is essentially a thread of life woven through the globe on which we live.It is possible that the rise in CO2 will be on balance beneficial to mankind, especially in reducing climatic extremes in very cold and very dry regions. Water vapor plays the major role and ozone is also of importance.

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With the infrared region divided into 22 spectral intervals, the infrared and solar fluxes have been computed at levels from the surface up to 5 mb using a procedure originally developed by Rodgers (1967) and modified by Dopplick (1972).What does cause concern is the effect that atmospheric CO2 has on the earth’s climate.

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